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Happy Notes


Under Michigan’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order, our day-to-day lives are impacted differently. One thing we can all benefit from? Positivity.

While social distancing is crucial right now, it is also important that we help combat social isolation. According to the Health Resources & Service Administration, loneliness and lack of connection can be as damaging to a person as smoking 15 cigarettes a day…especially for older adults who live alone.

Happy Notes allows you to volunteer from the comforts of your own home by writing a note or drawing a picture that we will safely distribute to the community.

While we stop the spread of COVID-19, let’s start the spread of happiness.


1. Download this template or make your own 4.25" x 5.5" sheet.

2. Draw a picture or write a note to someone who might need an extra boost, such as:

  • Seniors

  • Kids

  • Healthcare employees

  • Essential workers (such as grocery store employees, restaurant employees, etc.)

2. Email a picture of your creation to

3. McKay Press will print your Happy Note and United Way will safely distribute it to the community.