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MPS Volunteer Application Landing Page

Midland Public Schools Volunteer Applications and Screening

Welcome to United for Success, the new volunteer program for Midland Public Schools.  Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer.  This new program will enable us to process and activate volunteers quickly and efficiently.  You will apply by creating a volunteer profile 1 time only and update it as necessary throughout your time with MPS. Drivers will now upload required documents, no more paper copies.  Automated emails will be sent when you are approved, documents expire or you need to renew your background check.  Twenty different volunteer opportunities are available to help meet the needs of our schools.  Volunteers are an important part to achieving the ultimate goal: engage the community in the education and mentorship of our youth, enriching the lives of both.  So again, THANK YOU.

Volunteer registration for the 2017-18 school year will begin on July 1st, 2017

Below you can learn more about each volunteerism level we offer at MPS as well as find the applications for each level. All applicants must complete and submit the application as well as pass a background check. Level III volunteers will need to be fingerprinted and pass reference checks. If you are interested in a particular position or school building, please identify your preference on the application. If you do not specify a particular building or volunteer position, you will be contacted in order to match your interests and skills with the volunteer opportunities available. To view further descriptions of each volunteer level, please click here.

Level I Volunteers

A Level I volunteer position involves student interaction. Examples include: after school assistance, club leader, day field trip chaperone, Hallway Hero, PYP Exhibition Mentor, Reading Buddy, Picture Parent, and volunteers within the library, classroom, lunchroom, playground, or at special events.  Many volunteers will be a Level I.

Level II Volunteers

Level II volunteers have all the clearance of a Level I volunteer, but are qualified to drive students to activities off school grounds such as performances, athletic events or competitions.  This level is usually used when a driver is needed for students because a school bus is unavailable.

Level III Vounteers

Level III volunteer positions involve unsupervised, direct contact with students in various settings such as overnight school trips or volunteer athletic coaches.  Most volunteers for MPS WILL NOT be a Level III.

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